Ventless Fireplace Units/Gas Fireplaces

Available in select floor plans is a ventless (no chimney) fireplace unit. Ventless fireplaces are designed for gas logs only. These manufactured logs do not actually burn, but give the appearance of a “real” fire. The heat source of this unit is natural gas. A porcelain log set is provided with your home purchase. Do not, under any circumstances, burn wood in this type of fireplace. This type of unit requires special operation and maintenance procedures that are different from those of woodburning fireplaces. Please refer to the fireplace instructions to determine the proper use of this ventless unit.  If you do not have your instructions, please contact our Service Request Department.


Have your gas burner inspected

It is important to have each component of a gas fireplace thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure that you don’t have a gas leak or any buildup that could cause danger in your home.

Have your smoke detectors and extingushers serviced

Replace all the batteries in your smoke detectors and have your fire extinguishers professionally inspected to ensure that you are prepared for an unexpected fire in your home.